Michael L.
Michael L. Age: 55-64 Located in Virginia Living with CTEPH since 1998 “The biggest challenge was thinking I’d never do anything [again]. Don’t give up.”

In the spring of 1998, Michael began experiencing difficulty breathing and noticed he was losing weight, which continued throughout the summer. In early August, after seeing a cardiologist, Michael was diagnosed with CTEPH. Doctors explained to Michael he had Protein C Deficiency; likely his knee surgery years prior had caused blood clots to form in his leg, which eventually broke away and moved to his lungs. His initial prognosis was grim, but with the help and support of his wife Myrna, Michael kept a positive attitude and learned to keep living. Together, they started treatment foster care for high risk children who either have criminal backgrounds or have been rejected from many foster homes. They also started fixing houses to rent out for a living. Michael firmly believes that ongoing communication with his doctors, commitment to a treatment plan, and determination is the key to success.